Taking part in the electricity market presents a myriad of regulatory and commercial arrangements – contracts to sign, charges to pay and commercial markets to appraise.

CAG has recently expanded its offering in markets and regulatory affairs, with services for the renewable energy pipeline from generators and suppliers to network owners and operators to governments and regulators.  New CAG Partner Helen Snodin is a renewable energy and electricity markets professional with over twenty years of consulting experience, including specialisms in network access, charging and underwriting as well as codes governance.

What we offer

Connections policies and practices – support with navigating the process (e.g. guiding clients through the connection process, trouble-shooting and resolving contractual wrangles), compliance reviews for obligations and liabilities, policy evaluation and development.

Charging and underwriting regimes – support developing methodologies and code modifications, expert representation in code governance, support with Ofgem determinations

Research and analysis – answering clients research questions with tailored evidence gathering and data analysis.

Due diligence – contractual reviews, including future charges and liabilities.

Electricity markets – Market opportunities and threats for prospective investors. Market positioning and forecasting.

Renewable generators, electricity suppliers, network operators and regulators all need to engage with an audience and make compelling economic cases.

CAG’s longstanding pedigree in stakeholder engagement and economic appraisal feeds into the renewable energy sector to support development and planning activities (identifying and engaging with community shareholder groups for example, or socio-economic appraisals of development options).  At a more strategic level we support the public sector helping to design and evaluating renewable energy programmes and policies, and undertake options analysis.

What we Offer

See Consultation & Engagement, and Economic Development Services

Examples of recent work (2014/15)

Scottish wind energy outlook for a client working with developers and wishing to understand market opportunities.  Data assembled from individual projects and shaped by interpretation of support mechanisms and future changes in these.

Examination of the case for re-classification of the 132kV network in Scotland from transmission to distribution.  Operational, regulatory and commercial implications set out and quantified where possible.  Modelling of transmission charge changes.

Connection agreements review for an offshore developer, checks on underwriting amounts identifying any errors, recommendations for future agreement strategy.

Regulatory support for client responding to Ofgem consultations.


Electricity markets – Making up the n0mb3rs

Electricity markets – Making up the n0mb3rs

Over 2015/16 several clients came to us with very similar queries. They were developing or looking to invest in generation projects, and had a number of line items in economic models which were proving difficult to lock down.  Read more →