Since devolution, the policy agenda in Scotland has diverged from that in England.

Scotland has its own Climate Change Act, with more demanding targets, and a different framework across policy from transport to housing, energy to rural development.

CAG Consultants has been actively involved in the development and evaluation of policy in Scotland and Wales, both at the national and local level. Our team of consultants has an in-depth knowledge of the Scottish political contexts and the economic, social and environmental policy agendas.

What we offer:

  • Policy development
  • Evaluation and research
  • Facilitation and training
  • Consultation and engagement

Examples of our recent work:

  • Review of the evidence underpinning the Scottish definition of fuel poverty, for the Fuel Poverty Forum and Scottish Government (2013-2014)
  • Review of the potential role of Community Planning Partnerships in assisting meeting the aspirations of the Scottish Government’s Report on Policies and Proposals, for Carbon Trust Scotland (2012-2013)
  • Maximising the minimum: Minimum standards of energy performance for Scottish homes, for WWF-Scotland (2011)
  • Green Economy for Scotland: Scoping study, for Green Economy for Scotland Group (2011)
  • Sustainability audit of Single Outcome Agreements, for Scottish Environment Link (2010)
  • Review of area-based energy efficiency initiatives, for Consumer Focus Scotland, by CAG Consultants (2009-2010)
  • Carbon Countdown for Homes: How to make Scotland’s existing homes low carbon, for WWF-Scotland (2009)


Scotland Fuel Poverty


CAG Consultants was commissioned to undertake an extensive review of the evidence in relation to the assumptions underpinning the definition of fuel poverty in Scotland.
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